How I Work

When I photograph food, it is all about making the dish look appetizing. This is accomplished by working closely with the chef  throughout the photo session to insure the food is fresh, and properly staged.

I generally shoot tethered, this means my camera is attached to my laptop so we can see the results of the shoot on a large screen as they happen. By doing so, it allows everyone involved the opportunity to inspect the images and make adjustments when needed. No looking at the back of the camera, or waiting until the shoot is done to view the results. After the shoot, the entire unedited photo session is uploaded to a secure server, at which time the client can make their final selection of images to be processed and retouched at their convenience.


About Mark

I have always had a passion for being creative. From drawing superheroes as a kid, to designing floor plans in high school. I knew, somehow, I had to make a living with art.

After a few dead end jobs, I eventually landed a position in the digital production department of a promotional products company. There I learned prepress and digital printing. At the same time, my boss started teaching me web design and coding, as well as various aspects of graphic design. During this time I purchased my first camera, a 35mm Nikon. With that camera I photographed the Detroit nightlife, weddings, products, and anything else I could.

In 2001, I partnered with another artist and we started a graphic/web design company. After a few successful years, I went solo and started Prime Branding, a marketing and design company. While I enjoyed creating websites, and designing brochures, I always loved the jobs where I was able to take photos.

That love, in the summer of 2007, became Mark Hicks Photography. Now you will rarely see me without a camera. Since I started my photography business I have grown artistically and professionally. I not only shoot, but thanks to my graphics background, can handle all the post production. To learn more about me, and see all the places I can be found online, visit